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Rio Grande Borderland Ministries

Brief History and Mission


Rio Grande Borderland Ministries (RGBM) is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande serving in the borderlands of New Mexico and far west Texas. RGBM has been engaging with long-term systemic need on the border for decades. We are currently adapting to meet the needs of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in our border community. The compassionate response of RGBM to this crisis is simple — to feed, shelter, and care for our neighbors who are coming to the frontiers of our Diocese seeking safety and the promise of a better life for their families.

What We’re Doing



Given the unpredictable nature of the current asylum process, RGBM is working to build shelters on the south side of the Mexican border that spans from Juarez to the eastern most edge of Big Bend National Park.


Through the Bridge Chaplaincy, the Diocese of the Rio Grande seeks not only to sustain those our current immigration policies are harming, but also to strengthen — and be strengthened by — the full, blessed humanity of those most directly affected by the crisis.


We have partnered with Boquillas and Beyond Mexico Mission Inc. as well as the people of Jaboncillo, Coahuila, Mexico to improve conditions in the villages of Boquillas, San Vicente, La Union, Jaboncillos, and Los Norias. Each of these ejidos has fewer than 250 residents. Boquillas and Beyond is the driving force behind bringing solar power to rural areas.

Make an Impact

Rio Grande Borderland Ministries has all sorts of ways for people to make an impact. From volunteerism to in-kind donation, every effort and offering is deeply appreciated. The real challenge for our work is making sure we can operate our shelters and have the resources to make repairs. Please consider a donation today through our website and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to email Interested in joining our team? Learn more about ways to get involved on our website:

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Information supplied by Nellie Fagan

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