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Picturing Film: Femme Frontera

Information courtesy of Angie reza Tures Femme Frontera Founder/Director

Mission and origin story of Femme Frontera

Femme Frontera is a film organization made of female-identifying filmmakers from the U.S.-Mexico border region. We advocate for the amplification of films made by female-identifying filmmakers from borders across the globe. We celebrate these unique voices through showcasing work, funding female-directed projects, and providing film education.

Origin Story:

What Femme Frontera continues to facilitate in its programming and showings

For 2020, operations are continuing as usual thankfully. In January, we awarded our annual Femme Frontera Film Grant to Micaela Burgess for the production of her short film, Everything is Blue. This summer, we invited four new instructors to teach summer camp and adult workshops for new classes such as Animation, Narrative filmmaking, Documentary filmmaking, and Social Media filmmaking. Our annual tour was cancelled however the Showcase screened as part of the Dallas VideoFest and is available online on our website. We opened our call for submissions in May and will select the final line up for our 5th Annual Femme Frontera Showcase taking place in November 2020. The festival will screen both online and in-person at a drive-in movie theater. We are currently developing additional grants for filmmakers in the El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico region.

Why does film plays a significant role in how we represent our border?

For me, film is such a powerful medium because it can show us directly, if done responsibly, what life is really like from someone's unique perspective. Border communities, immigrants, people of color, the Latinx/o/a community are often misrepresented or have no representation at all in film, tv, and the media. It's so important to create spaces, like Femme Frontera, for us to show, celebrate, and share our work, perspectives and voices with the rest of the world to begin to dismantle and challenge false perspectives about who we are.

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