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fROM mARCH FOR our lives

mISSION: To harness the power of young people across the country to fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives.


Aug. 3 shooting anniversary prompts reflection on current fight for justice and


by Luke Miller

August 3 rd , 2020 served as the painful one-year anniversary of the El Paso Wal-Mart

shooting, in which 23 El Pasoans were gunned down under the banner of white

supremacy, xenophobia, and ecofascism.

As our community reflects about the tragic events of August 3, 2019, it is increasingly

essential to not only grieve for the unimaginable losses of the families affected, but also

to advocate for an adjustment, or rather a correction, of political and social rhetoric in

this country. A shift from “thoughts and prayers” to advocacy for real, substantive

statutory measures; a shift from a complacent and performative stance on

discrimination to an actively anti-racist national identity, seeking to correct the errors of

the past.

A shift from apathy to advocacy.

The August 3rd shooting paralyzed our city with unexplainable grief, terror, and fear. But

these sentiments were immediately triumphed by our city’s indestructible fabric of

community. Thousands of El Pasoans stood in sweltering heat to donate blood, millions

offered their love and support through social media, and arguably most importantly, we

demanded gun violence preventive measures and racial legislation to combat deadly

white supremacy. This one-year anniversary not only reminds us of our community’s

unwavering support and unity, but also of the battle for cultural and legislative change

for justice - the march of our lives.

El Paso Strong.


Brown, Black Birds

By: Anonymous Gun Violence Prevention Activist from El Paso

Red bleeds as the artificer

Brushes the warm melodies of sun and mountain

On that stupid, white paper

Green thorns, dark blue, purple sky

Intense like the feeling of a cathartic trod through the place of massacre

Blunt, Bleak I apologize

The trod is too much for us

Did you know there are Black and Brown Birds on that stupid, white paper?

Birds with lengthy feathers that interact with the sunset

Like Mayan poetry placemaking placeworlds infused with nature

Beautiful Brown, Black Birds

You see, the artificer

He believes he can paint the white away with those

Lengthy wings and the image of a perfect arroyo

But the white background shoots the birds down spiraling landing at his feet

Red bleeds as the artificer

Brushes colored hope

On that stupid, white paper

No matter how much he paints the guns won’t leave and the deaths won’t stop until you tear apart the



Artists From Left to Right:

Iliana Garcia, Anonymous, Sarah Villaronga, Mariana Meza

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