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T Barny

Healdsburg, California

Facebook: TBarnyGallery
Instagram: TBarnySculpture

I aspire to create sculpture that reflects a world filled with magic and wonder, celebrating the interrelated continuousness of all things through my Mobius-like works, with a single, traceable, looping edge. My works are produced through a method of direct carving, which entails having no preconceived notions or models from which to derive the final shape of my pieces. Instead, I allow the natural rhythms of the materials I use to guide me to a final product, rich with serene fluidity. If I listen to a block of stone, it talks to me. I make carved stone seem soft and magical. When people see it and touch it, they share a part of that magic.

How does the region influence your art?

I have long loved the southwest and have a fascination with the rock formations and petroglyphs in the area. I chose a turquoise patina for my bronze sculptures as a way to honor the region and it’s most famous stone. I have been showing my work in Santa Fe for 35 years and an currently represented by Victory Contemporary Gallery.

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