Melissa Mercilliott

Tucson, AZ


I celebrate my love of the desert through many different art forms. I am an Art teacher and I enjoy trying out new techniques and supplies, but the desert is always the inspiration. My favorites are watercolor illustration and stained glass art, but I also dabble with other painting and drawing media, clay, and fiber arts.

How does the region influence your art?

l grew up in the Mojave desert in Southern California, and now I live in the Sonoran desert of Tucson, Arizona. My IG and Society 6 shops are named Two Deserts after the two deserts that I love so much. I enjoy making art inspired by other places that I have traveled, but I’m partial to the landscapes and botany of the Southwest. I am always surprised when people tell me the desert is brown and boring, because I don’t see it that way. I’m always trying to convey the way the desert makes me feel, and help other people appreciate it in the same way.




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Work Project

largest living archive of today's southwest

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