Elizabeth Sher

Oakland, CA

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I work in moving and still images working back and forth between them. I am fascinated with the new technologies available to artists, which I combine with traditional artist's materials. Because of my work in film and video, there is often a narrative aspect to my work. I am a Professor of Fine Art Emerita from California College of the Arts where I taught painting, drawing and media arts.

How does the region influence your art?

My work responds to place. I spend a good deal of time at a retreat on the Russian River in Sonoma County, CA. A sense of place plays large in my creative process as I walk along the coast where the cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean.

(Note: I have also attended artist residencies in foreign countries and have made work based on my experiences there, but Sonoma County has been the most inspiring lately as I sheltered there for 3 months this past spring during Covid19 lockdown.)




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