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Clark Kelley Price

Thayne, Wyoming

My artistic style is pretty much telling stories I like to I like to paint life, tell a story, and get people involved in what's going on and the picture. Usually, I like to paint real-life scenarios. Sometimes I like to paint imaginary things but usually, I like realism, that's usually what gets me most excited.

How does the region influence your art?

My region profoundly influences my art. Having been raised in the West and the Rocky Mountains and living here most of my life, it influences me in almost every way. The outdoor lifestyle, the wildlife, the rugged mountains, the vast distances, the people, their work and their play, all have a great effect on me and what I like to paint and how I'd like to paint it. If I could sum it up I would say the West is a land of Big Adventure - everything is bigger than life in a lot of ways the distances are forever, the people live a rugged lifestyle, the animals are big and tough, the mountains are incredibly high and rugged - everything hits you with tremendous impact. Yes, my region affects me in every way. The raw beauty of the West is unexplainable but it gets inside of you and makes you grow and you become a part of it.

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