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Analinda Gonzalez

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Much of my work expresses the personal impact of socio-political issues, such as immigration, domestic
violence, substance abuse, as well as current issues that I find impactful and relatable to others. My
subject matters can be intense and sometimes shocking in order to reflect their significance. I strive to
create artwork that is not only personal, but also important to others and will spark dialogue among my

How does the region influence your art?

The hardships I’ve experienced are relevant to my region, specifically immigration. Immigration is a
recurring theme in my artwork. Mexican immigrants and people of Mexican heritage populate
America’s southern border, and the majority share a common perspective concerning our broken
immigration system. I have very strong feelings about this issue because my father was deported when I
was 4 years old and fought to remain in my life regardless of the obstacles between us. His deportation
led to my emotional strength at a young age and shaped my close relationship with my parents now.
Understanding how controversial this topic is, I choose not to discuss the underlying structural issues
of our immigration system, but rather shed light on my father’s story by means of implicating the
viewer in my family’s difficult situation.

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